Frequently Asked Questions

We heard you have some questions...

How heavy are the packages when I receive them?

We ship everything flat keeping the cost of freight to a minimum. We package and ship our products as efficiently as possible, regardless of how many units you purchase, the maximum box size is 15” x 48” x 2” and the maximum weight is 35lbs.


Can they be shipped easily with UPS?

Yes, all packages are within the UPS standard size/weight shipping guidelines  - we can ship in 3 business days!

Are the Arrange units easy to put together?

Yes! Detailed instructions and hardware are provided - you’ll just need a hammer and screwdriver to assemble the units. If you run into any issues, customer service is here to help.

Are the Arrange closet units easy to install in residential spaces?

With pre-notched bottoms and pre-aligned connection bolt locations, we’ve taken the variables into account and provided clear guidelines to help you install your closet properly. Wall anchors and screws are provided with your kit as well.

Do the closets follow standard ergonomics of design and usability?

All depths and heights are designed and engineered to achieve maximum comfort while reaching and bending - the units also maximize storage and have the capacity to hold a variety of items beyond clothing and shoes.

Can I customize for my specific needs?

All core units can be ordered in three different widths which can be configured to fit your needs. We also offer three different decor choices of White, White Oak, and Natural Oak. Accessories are also available in two finishes: Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze. 

Can I modify easily as my needs change?

Yes, add or take away and relocate accessories such as shelves or hanging bars.

Are the units stable and strong enough to hold my belongings?

All units are constructed with double-sided, thermally fused laminated boards, utilising glue and dowel construction. All board edges are banded with ABS 1mm thick banding, offering soft feel edges. ABS is a green alternative to PVC edgebanding. With extremely high quality construction and secure wall installation methods, these units will last.

Can I move them or take them with me?

Yes! These units are like furniture - you can relocate and re-configure as your needs change. Simply unscrew from the wall to relocate, then re-attach to a new wall. Be sure to specify that the closet units are not part of the sale transaction if you plan to move the units with you to a new house or apartment. Since we manufacture everything in one dedicated facility, we can assure you that as your storage needs grow, you can add on to existing units and all pieces will align and become interchangeable.

What are the finishes like, will they fit my aesthetic?

We have selected a balanced, neutral white laminate finish that will complement any color palette and decor style. The White Oak and Natural Oak textured woodgrains offer a unique option to further customize the pieces, providing an overall sophisticated look and feel. Soft feel edges complete the overall finish, maintaining the neutral aesthetic.

Where are the pieces produced? What kind of affordability, quality, value can I expect?

Our product is manufactured completely in the U.S.A. – we have one dedicated facility and all pieces are produced by the same machines and staff. This aspect of production assures quality and consistency across all the products we manufacture.

When can I expect my order?

You will receive a confirmation with order details once it hits our system. Orders typically ship withing 3-5 business days.